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The Right Light for Every Operation

Trumpf Medical Systems offers the largest selection of LED surgical lights and is showing them at Medica 2008.
The Medical Technology Division of the Trumpf Group already presented the first LED surgical light in the world in 2005 and has been the trailblazer ever since. In the meantime, more than 6,000 iLEDs around the world have supported the work of physicians whose encouragement and suggestions for optimisation constantly contribute to the further development of the lights. In the next round, the seasoned iLED is going to Medica 2008 with expanded functionalities and even more light output. And the TRUMPF family of LED surgical lights is growing. “Our product range is growing in response to user needs,” explained Dr. Kordt Griepenkerl, Managing Director of TRUMPF Medical Systems. “With iLED 3, iLED 5 and the new TruLight 5300 and TruLight 5500, we offer an appropriate surgical light for every requirement and budget, with all the advantages of LED technology." The array of products embraces two concepts: quick and easy positioning, easy handling and universal light are offered by the new TruLight 5000 models; the iLED surgical lights provide extensive adjustment possibilities, almost perfect light characteristics and high-end video solutions.

iLED – well equipped and flexible
The iLED models promise the best light specifications and greatest flexibility for adaptation to individual customer applications and requirements in the world. The use of the newest generation of LEDs permits an increased service life of 30,000 hours, which corresponds to a period of 10 to 15 years for an average operating room. Established functions such as adjustable colour temperature and shadow correction display their advantages even more magisterially thanks to increased performance reserves. The unique colour reproduction index of Ra 98 permits natural vision. In addition a new optical system focuses the powerful light as needed. The surgical field is thus illuminated with a more homogeneous and well-defined light, in depth and on the surface.

At Medica 2008 TRUMPF shows iLED 5 and iLED 3, with an additional innovation that increases energy efficiency considerably. Instead of the 125 Watts required up to now, the iLED 3 only needs 90 watts and its big sister, iLED 5, has decreased its energy requirement from 195 Watts to 145. This reduces energy consumption and thus the environmental burden, as well as heat development, which decreases the load on the air handling system.
To make the many settings, especially on the iLED 5 more accessible to the user, the TRUMPF developers were further optimising the concept of sterile light operation, which allows the surgeon to adjust the illumination more ergonomically and directly.

In 2007, the company presented TruVidia HD, the first high definition OR light camera in the world. At this year’s Medica, TRUMPF is going one step further, with transmission of live images, generated with TruVidia HD, over LAN or Internet. This makes data, live and with full HD quality, available anywhere in the hospital or even anywhere in the world. It is a promise of new quality and flexibility for consultations, telemedicine and teaching.

TruLight 5000 - energy efficient and handy
The development of the new TruLight 5500 and 5300 surgical lights focussed on energy efficiency and lightweight construction. The result was lean and particularly handy lights. The larger of the two models, TruLight 5500, reaches 150,000 Lux with only 90 LEDs and the smaller TruLight 5300 achieves 120,000 Lux with 60 LEDs. And with the new LED technology, they both save a great deal of energy at only 65 and 60 Watts.

Even at the basic configuration, the illumination cylinder is very homogeneous with a colour reproduction index of 95 for both models. Moreover the lights are equipped with a completely new optical light system: “Adaptive Light Control” with a three-level light intensity regulator for different working heights above the surgical area. The distance between the homogeneous light cylinder and the light source may be adjusted using additional buttons on the control panel. Thus the surgeon has a broader application range and can adjust the lighting system to his/her individual preference before surgery begins. The colour temperature is 4500 Kelvin; the light intensity can be controlled in six steps between 30 and 100 per cent, as for the iLED. An additional endoscopy step reduces the light to five per cent: enough in order not to interfere in an endoscopy and yet to provide orientation in the room

Thanks to handles that are lit up on both sides, a non-sterile OR assistant can easily find and move the light housing even if the room is fairly dark. The TruLight 5000, on the other hand, is positioned with a sterile grip in the centre of the light housing, operated by a keypad at the rim. The efficient features make TruLight 5000 a true lightweight, allowing easy positioning and adaptation to the given OR situation. For telemedicine applications, the new lighting system can be equipped with TruVidia camera solutions as an SD variant.