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The Revolution in Anti-Aging-Treatment – RF-ReFacing®

Many persons are demanding an improvement of their look, e. g. smoothing of wrinkles especially in the visible areas as face, throat and décolleté. Never the less they don’t consult physician for they fear invasive interferences, injections, scalpel, hematomas or swelling.

With the RF-ReFacing®-Method the energy of the radio waves is reaching the dermis and leads to a shortening of the structures which have become too long. Due to the soft heat development and the stimulation of the fibroblasts in the depth, collagen and elastin are regenerated. The radio waves are brought into the skin via an electrode. The method does absolutely cause no pain. The patient can leave the practice immediately after the treatment without disturbing visible changes of the skin which would force him to abstain from social or professional engagements for several days. This is of special importance to the woman or man of today!

This is a safe method which can be repeated at any time. The effect of the RF-ReFacing® appears bit by bit. The treated person will impress his fellow men with brilliant, relaxed look and does not have to reveal the little secret due to visible hematomas or swelling.

The purchase price of the radioSURG®, which is used for the RF-ReFacing®-Treatment, charges off fast, for the unit is also suitable for all other minor and major surgical procedures.

Information, patient’s brochures and a demonstration can be requested from the manufacturer or your local dealer.

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