Public Research Centre Henri Tudor

The Public Research Centre Henri Tudor Presents eHealth and Data Protection Research Results at MEDICA

Luxembourg researchers from the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor will present the results of eHealth research and development programs. Featured presentations will include:

A secure, independent information technology architecture for the protection of patient data

Patient data privacy is a critical component of today’s eHealth and bio-tissue sample collection programs. Information technology and data security experts at the CRP Henri Tudor have developed an IT architecture specific to the pseudonymization and separation of patient demographic data utilizing an external, trusted third party concept. Developed as a key component for a new type of biobank, this concept can also be applied at a national level for countries that wish to enhance the protection of patient data in eHealth programs.

The Luxembourg eHealth Initiative: the definition and planning of national eHealth programs

Representatives from the R&D team responsible for laying the groundwork for Luxembourg’s eHealth initiative will be present to discuss their work in the following technical areas: the mapping of national actors and legacy IT infrastructures to state of the art eHealth concepts, the technical analysis of existing EHR architectures, the encryption and protection of patient data, the development of a framework for patient health records and recommendations on incorporating international standards into national programs.