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The Perfect Combination

C-arm and operating table

Intraoperative diagnostics have long since become standard in modern clinical work and boost precision in surgery. A unique hybrid solution is now being offered by Siemens and TRUMPF: The C-arm and the operating table are capable of communicating one with another; their motions are precisely coordinated. This opens the door to new, integrated diagnostic and surgical techniques and at the same times offers hospitals maximum flexibility in patient positioning, regardless of the surgical discipline involved.

Completely matched to each other are the Artis zee ceiling and Artis zeego X-ray and angiography systems made by Siemens and the version of the TRUMPF operating table engineered especially for these applications, the "TruSystem 7500 for Artis zee systems". In coupled operation, the Artis control module can steer both units simultaneously. The high-resolution X-ray systems register the position of the operating table and use this information to avoid collisions between the operating table and the C-arm.

The operating table support column is fitted with a one-piece, carbon-fiber-reinforced table top. If desired, a segmented, all-purpose table top may be used instead. Both table tops can easily be changed out with the help of a shuttle.

The complete integration of the operating table into the Siemens angiography systems enables quick rotation and 3D images using the C-arm. The table top with its modular design makes for versatility when positioning the patients, accommodating every surgical discipline. Complicated setups such as the lateral position with elevated thorax can be achieved quickly, precisely and conveniently.

Both surgeons and patients benefit from high-resolution imaging procedures, during and after the intervention, without time-consuming, expensive and potentially risky patient transfers. This also expands the therapeutic latitude for neurosurgery and orthopedics since there, in particular, flexible positioning capabilities play a decisive role.

No matter whether for combined, special-purpose surgery, conventional surgery or pure diagnosis – hybrid ORs can be used in many ways and by many medical disciplines. The operating table concept used by TRUMPF throughout enables universal use. Table tops and components are compatible one with another and can be flexibly configured. In addition to carbon-fiber-reinforced table tops, which permit intraoperative diagnostics with artifact-free X-rays, the surgical staff can also use all-purpose table tops. Patented couplers make it possible to configure these quickly and easily, as may be needed by any given surgical discipline. Thus a table for universal use quickly becomes a special-purpose table. With its many adjustment capabilities, it will do justice to every intervention.

TRUMPF surgical lights, too, with their extended range of horizontal and vertical motion, expand freedom of movement in the OR. They ensure perfect illumination during both open surgery and interventional procedures. Thus they are available for every hybrid use. The TRUMPF ceiling pendants as well can play an important role in the hybrid operating theater. They can be set up close to the ceiling to avoid collisions with other equipment. Thanks to their long support arms they can quickly be swung out of the scanning range.

Exact planning makes it possible to seamlessly integrate hybrid ORs into the central surgical department and at the same time adhere to all the hygiene concepts and specified work sequences. This makes it possible to achieve a high degree of utilization even in smaller hospitals. That is a great advantage – not just in difficult economic times.