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Schiller AG

The New Holter ECG recorder MT-101 nano

The MICROVIT MT-101 nano sets the standard for a new generation of ECG recorders – like already its bigger brother, the MICROVIT MT-101.

The new Holter ECG recorder MICROVIT MT-101 nano is so small and light (only 66 g) that the patient hardly notices it. It makes his or her daily routine much easier, especially when a recording must be made over several days. Thanks to its tiny size, the unit can be attached directly to the skin using an adhesive pad, together with the electrodes, guaranteeing maximum comfort, high accuracy and optimum signal quality.

The new MT-101 nano recorder provides undistorted ECG storage and an easy and convenient handling. The device guides the user through its functions via a clear menu structure. A continuous electrode monitor detects a loose electrode immediately, helping avoid errors in the analysis later on.

High-End Software:

MT-200, the SCHILLER Holter ECG analysis software, is especially optimised for routine use in the clinic and practice, but also meets research requirements.
In this software, too, special importance was attributed to straightforward handling and a menu-based user guidance. "Start the analysis, print the report – done!"