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Schiller AG

The New Cardiovit AT -10 plus

Unique and unmatched world-wide:
Resting ECG, exercise ECG, pacemaker measurement, HRV analysis, signal-averaged ECG, thrombolysis software and spirometry in a single unit – like its famous predecessor, the CARDIOVIT AT-10.

•NEW: Heart rate variability (HRV)
This SCHILLER program allows you to determine the risks (e.g. of sudden cardiac death) for a cardiopathic patient after a recording time of only 1–60 minutes! Various statistical parameters are standardised to the mean RR interval and displayed as percentages.

•Exercise ECG (ergometry)
Available with pre-programmed and/or freely configurable test sequences. The ergometry program controls a bicycle or treadmill ergometer. The non-invasive blood pressure can be recorded at the beginning of every load stage or in freely selectable intervals, saved and printed.

•Pacemaker measurement
An advanced additional program measures the pacing frequency, performs individual measurement of pulse width for atrial and ventricular stimulation, and determines the AV intervals.

•Rhythm ECG
With this new function, you can save the ECG signals of the past 5 minutes over all 12 ECG channels. This reduces the risk that important rhythm data might be overlooked. To save time and paper, you can transmit the full-disclosure view to the SCHILLER SEMA-200 data-management system on your PC for editing or printout.

•Signal averaged ECG (SAECG)
Signal averaging makes it possible to detect micropotentials after a QRS complex. Such late potentials are an indicator of ventricular tachycardia or even sudden cardiac death – in particular for patients who have suffered cardiac infarction.

•Thrombolysis software
This software can give important additional information for angina patients, to determine the probability of acute cardiac ischaemia.

•Vector cardiography (combined with the SEMA-200 data management system)
In conjunction with SEMA-200, you can display resting ECG recordings in 2 or 3 dimensions.

•Serial ECG comparison (combined with the SEMA-200 data management system)
Also in conjunction with SEMA-200, you can compare up to 4 different ECG recordings over a longer time period on screen.

•Complete pulmonary function tests for slow and forced spirometry
The CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus can be transformed into a proven table spirometer for the measurement, recording and assessment of the flow-volume and volume-time curves and the corresponding parameters.

All at the touch of a key – and even integrated with Ethernet and WLAN!