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Dr. Schuhfried Ges.m.b.H, Gernot

The New Biofeedback 2000 x-pert

The advantages at a glance:

Cordless transmission of readings
- Very comfortable for the client
- Maximum freedom of movement
- Relaxed setting
- Increased range of opportunities for use (sport and workplace medicine, paediatrics)

Modular system
- The modular design enables you to put together your own individual biofeedback system
- You purchase only those components which you really need

Special user-friendly sensors
- Simple plug-in connections
- Colour-coded connectors
- Can be used with all standard electrode types
- Custom-cut cables for special applications available upon request

Enhanced precision and sensitivity
- Increased sampling rate, value smoothing if required
- 7 sensitivity levels and 4 filter ranges (EMG)
- Integrated movement sensor recognizes artefacts of movement (MULTI)

Simultaneous display of readings from up to 7 modules
- Differentiated readings from one person
- Efficient use in group settings

Compatible with the Vienna Test System
- While using the Vienna Test System (VTS) to administer a psychological test (diagnostic tool), you can simultaneously record and evaluate physiological parameters