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The LouseBuster™ Device by Larada Sciences - Safely Kills head Lice and Their Eggs

Larada Sciences is a science-based medical technology company dedicated to the safe elimination of human head lice infestations.
No one likes to talk about head lice, let alone actually have them, but the problem is very real and growing rapidly around the world. In the USA alone, 6 million to 12 million Americans are infested with head lice yearly, making children miss 12 million to 24 million school days.
Unfortunately, increasing numbers of consumers are finding that the most popular treatments for head lice – chemical shampoos, louse combs and home remedies – are largely ineffective.
Like many crop insects, head lice are troublesome parasites that are rapidly evolving chemical resistance to many of the traditional pesticide-based treatments (which have never been able to kill eggs (nits) effectively and usually require repeat treatments). Louse combs can be effective for removing lice and eggs, but the process is very tedious, and most parents do not have the time or patience for effective combing. In desperation, some parents resort to home remedies such as bug spray, mayonnaise or kerosene, but there is little hard evidence that these remedies are effective, and some home remedies can actually be harmful. As a result, parents and school authorities are scrambling frantically for a safe, fast and effective treatment that will solve the problem and help keep children in school.
Now there is a solution, a breakthrough innovation which has been CE- marked and reviewed and cleared by the FDA and its scientific data has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics: Larada Science’s first patent-pending product, the LouseBuster™ device! Its non-chemical technology is safe, extremely effective, affordable, and fast. It is the world’s first and only medical device that has proven to kill head lice and eggs in one single 30 minute treatment by delivering a large amount of controlled, warm air to a person’s scalp and to the base of hair shafts where lice and their eggs are most frequently located. Just as importantly, the new treatment can minimize or even eliminate school and workplace absenteeism due to head lice infestations. Further, it is very unlikely that lice will evolve resistance to the treatment, thereby providing health practitioners a new primary treatment that is highly effective for all infestations, including pesticide-resistant lice and individuals who have asthma, allergies, or other conditions that preclude traditional chemical treatments.
Larada Sciences was founded by the lead scientist and technology inventor from the University of Utah, Dale Clayton, Ph.D., and by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with numerous successful technology and medical device start-up companies to their credit.
The company plans to start manufacturing and shipping its first products in the fourth quarter of 2009. The LouseBuster™ machine will be sold primarily to health care professionals for use in schools, clinics, and other places where lice are commonly diagnosed or treated. The treatment will also be available through a network of company-run service providers and through certified lice treatment service providers around the world who will provide the treatment and other head lice services for a modest cost.
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