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The IP-capable Communications Terminal KT for ZETTLER® Nursecall

The quality of inpatient care is under scrutiny and in the focus of public discussions. Quality assurance in external comparison and ranking is becoming increasingly important to clinics and health care facilities in terms of reputation. The goal of a multi-faceted catalogue of measures is, most of all, to continuously improve medical and nursing services – in spite of limited finances. With this in mind, ADT and TOTAL WALTHER offer an intelligent and safe solution in modern nursecall and communication technology for the patient room in the form of the mature, compact, IP-capable communication ¬terminal KT. Directly at the Point of Care, the intelligent communications terminal provides support with added informational and recording functions and thus helps to combine efficiency, quality and comfort of care with each other more easily, to more efficiently organise care procedures at the patient's bed and thus gain more time for providing each patient with individual care and supervision.

On-site in the patient room – here the clinic personnel depends on having quick and easy access to all relevant information even when performing nursing care at the patient's bed. In this way, the patient can receive precise, timely medical care and services. TCP/IP-based communication via the nursecall system supports the care providers in their daily work: At the Point of Care, the commu¬nications terminal KT TCP/IP offers authorised access to important information for nursing care at the patient's bedside using an RFID-presence record. Using an
intuitively operable touchscreen-interface, patient calls, emergency calls and alarms are rapidly available and can be correspondingly processed directly in the patient's room. Along with the basic functions of a call station, such as receiving calls, marking or deleting calls, additional functions, such as memory functions or checklists with service tasks, can be compiled directly in the patient room, documented and transferred to various sites in the health care facility via the IT-network. When was the patient's bed made last? Information about bed management can be easily called up and recording using the terminal. Even technical deficiencies in the patient's room, e.g. with the lights or in the sanitary facilities, can be recorded easily on site and the appropriate messages forwarded to the responsible offices. All results and actions that are triggered within the nursecall system will be saved in a log database: from patient calls to alarms and reports to query times. External IT-systems such as nursing data recording tools or safety and building management systems can access the data through corresponding standard-database interfaces and use them. Transparency and security in the sense of data protection is guaranteed by the RFID-authorised, personalised data access.
The multitasking-capable communications terminal KT can be integrated over LAN-networks via TCP/IP-protocol with VoIP-integration into modern IP-capable nursecall and communications systems such as ZETTLER® Medicall® 800 IP and can also already be integrated into older nursecall systems compliant with DIN VDE 0834 – and thus offers long-term investment security for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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