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GHE - German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

The German Healthcare Export Group is the BMWi's guest

BONN/BERLIN. Soon the next GHE-convention is taking place again. The first one this year is located in the Federal Ministry of Economy and Labour (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, BMWi) in Berlin, 9 February.

The agenda promises an exciting exchange of experiences as well as informative speeches, while the first 2006 GHE-convention’s theme is focused on Japan, divided into two great parts: “foreign trade fairs” and “exchange of experiences concerning Japan”.

Most GHE-members arrive in Berlin on 8 February and use the evening for small talks and business conversations with the other participants.

Among the invited speakers and guests who appear in "Haus A, Room Number 2" of the BMWi, are principal Guido Peruzzo, PhD, head of Subsection of Economic Cooperation, Development Policy and Trade Fair Politics in the Federal Ministry of Economic and Labour, who has been chosen for welcoming the participants.

Heinz Dühring, PhD, senior civil servant of the BMWi, discourses about “Political Flanking through the Federal Government in Important Foreign Markets, Allegorised at the Example Japan” (“Politische Flankierung durch die Bundesregierung auf wichtigen Auslandsmärkten, dargestellt am Beispiel Japans”).

In the sector of “foreign trade fairs”, Government Director of the BMWi Dietmar Schmitz informs about the “Concept of the German Foreign Trade Program through the BMWi” (“Das Konzept des Deutschen Auslandsmesseprogramms durch das BMWi”), and Marco Spinger, head of the Department Fairs and Global Markets at AUMA, talks about “Co-ordinating, Planning and Realising German Pavilions” ("Koordination, Planung und Umsetzung von German Pavilions"). In connection with this, Ralf Schuster, 2nd chairman GHE, holds a co-presentation.

“Exchange experiences concerning Japan” is presented by GHE's honorary member Werner Friedrich/Siemens, who also introduces into this part of the convention. Additionally, German Healthcare Export Group-members will report about their experiences with Japanese business partners and Japanese customs. An open interchange of ideas follows up. Wilhelm Berg, PhD, from the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Berlin, explains the state of affairs concerning the gateway to Japan programs (“Stand der Gateway to Japan-Programme”), followed by discussion.

Alexander Witzke, sinologist, informs about the “Cultural Background of Japanese Business Partners” ("Der kulturelle Hintergrund des japanischen Geschäftspartners”), also followed by discussion afterwards.

The date and location of the second GHE-session 2006 is already arranged: It is taking place on 29 June 2006 at B.Braun/Melsungen.

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