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The Future of OR and ICU

TruVidia HD

A new generation of OR tables setting new standards in terms of function and optical features. The first HD camera integrated into an OR lamp. A new ambient lighting concept that could revolutionize the way the OR and ICUs are lit. Welcome to the future.
TRUMPF will be demonstrating its vision of the future of everyday hospital life at the MEDICA 2007 trade show, hall 13, booth A42. At the booth, technology group will be presenting its latest innovations in two separate areas that will be screened off from the trade show crowds. One area will be set up as a realistic OR and the other as a realistic ICU. During exclusive demonstrations visitors will experience the products of the future. In addition to these innovations, TRUMPF will be exhibiting proven solutions on how to make processes and work areas in the hospital more efficient – for the well-being of the patients, physicians and attendants.

TruSystem – the intelligent combination of form and function
The latest generation of OR tables has emerged with a new kind of design, one that is based upon the human anatomy. The TruSystem 7500 is also completely translucent and suitable for bearing individual patients weighing up to 360 kg, if required. A new concept and a freely programmable touchscreen for intuitive operation is one of the features of the table’s remote control. Like all other TRUMPF OR tables, the TruSystem 7500 has a modular design. Using the patented mechanical coupling points, the nursing staff can quickly and reliably assemble, extend, shorten and attach components with few manual interventions depending on the OR discipline. In addition, the TruSystem 7500 has an upward and downward compatibility with other TRUMPF OR tables.

TruVidia HD – live pictures from the OR in HD quality
The world’s first high definition (HD) camera integrated in an OR lamp is another TRUMPF innovation. It permits pin-sharp, brilliant and lifelike live images from the OR. With 1080 line resolution and
2 million pixels, the images of the TruVidia HD 5000 are more than twice as sharp as the SD variant (standard definition). The camera conveys these images reliably in broad image format and also on larger projection surfaces such as those in lecture halls. It therefore supports efficient and interdisciplinary work even when it comes to telemedicine. In addition, it can store not only still images but also entire video sequences quickly and directly in USB sticks. TruVidia HD is integrated into the central handle of the successful iLED OR lamp or is available on a separate carrier system – and always able to operate in a sterile environment.

ContrastLine – for clear contrasts during surgery
TRUMPF has also continued to improve the first OR LED-based lamps, the iLED. The newest light technology, ContrastLine, uses narrow-band light consisting of colour LEDs to make tissue types and differences in the organ tissues even more visible during the intra-operative diagnosis. For example, surgeons can also differentiate tumours from healthy tissue better and faster. The contrast is improved without UV or radioactive radiation.

AmbientLine – truly illuminating
On the basis of findings concerning the biological and psychological influences of light, TRUMPF has developed a new and so far unique lighting concept for the OR and the ICU. Light plays an important role in patients’ recovery. And the right lighting can also make the work of physicians and attendants considerably easier. For the new lighting concept “AmbientLine” TRUMPF has enhanced its ceiling pendants by adding LED lighting elements. These are installed specifically to enhance the well-being of the patient and to make the work areas more ergonomic for the nursing staff.

New names for innovative products
Names create identity, ensure transparency and give a general overview. That’s reason enough for TRUMPF to assign product names on a new basis. So TRUMPF has introduced a uniform and transparent naming system for its products. New products and product generations in the Medical Technology Business Unit will receive new names starting at MEDICA 2007. The new naming system functions according to a simple formula: The prefix of the brand name “Tru” plus the product family in English plus classification in numbers for comprehensive product families equals the new product names. With the help of this inferable name, each product can be classified immediately within the product portfolio.

TRUMPF in medicine
In addition to the MEDICA, the TRUMPF Group will also be attending the ComPaMed trade show which is being held at the same time in Düsseldorf. From November 14 – 16, the Laser Technology Business Field will be exhibiting applications for lasers in the manufacture of implants, medical devices and instruments in hall 08a, booth L01.