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The Future of Modern Surgery - Symposium on the 12th November

Five lectures by specialists give information about the current status of science and technology of the modern operating theatre concerning topics such as hybrid OR, particle monitoring and hygiene. Furthermore, the Mediclean® CPM system by Weiss (Continuous Particle- Monitoring) will be explained during a live demonstration in the company’s new operating show room; the partner companies will present their innovations, too.

The Continuous Particle Monitoring (CPM)
The focus of the event is on the Online-Monitoring-System mediclean® CPM developed by Weiss. It means „Continuous Particle-Monitoring“, a system steadily controlling and automatically regulating the air quality in the operating room. By that the system provides for nearly particle-free and germ-free air in the OR, prevents postoperative infections and can save lives.

The continuous optimization of the laminar air flow acc. to the measuring results in real time and the documentation of this process for quality assurance is a global innovation with high potential for prevention of postoperative, often fatal infections. It guarantees the functioning of the laminar flow system during surgery at any moment!

Usually, a laminar flow system is checked at commissioning only, whether its task to keep away air-borne particles and germs from the surgery field by low-turbulence displacement flow, will be truly fulfilled. Then the air quantity and air velocity once adjusted on the occasion of the standardized hygienic approval process acc. to DIN 1946-4 will remain.

Protection against Infections resulting in Death
It is particularly difficult as the approval process is executed in a room without staff and without patient (“at rest” measurement). However, in practice, the air quantity and the real degree of turbulences of the laminar air flow depend on the number and the behaviour of the persons and generally on the actual conditions in the room.

Between 2 and 10 % of the patients after surgery are infected in the hospital and about 30.000 patients each year die because from the consequences (as per an estimate of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene). Against this background the reduction of particles and germs by mediclean® CPM is a tremendous progress of
the infection control.

mediclean® CPM registers the particles via a measuring probe which is ideally located in the tripod of the surgical lamp, that means directly in the surgery field at the most problematic point for particle pollution. A green light or acoustic signal of the system informs the surgery team whether the set points for the pollution are kept. In case they are exceeded, the team is able to optimize the work routine. Furthermore, mediclean® CPM is permanently optimizing the air flow: When set points for the particle pollution are overrun, the air velocity will be increased.

Planned Lectures
This system will be presented live in the operating show room on the occasion of the symposium Mediclean® CPM. In addition, a comprehensive programme of lectures by specialists will be offered: After welcome and introduction by Mr. Edwin Zijlstra, managing director of Weiss Klimatechnik, and Mr. Rupert Mack, head of division Mediclean®, Dr. Clemens Bulitta (University Amberg-Weiden) will speak about the topic “Surgery in Transition – New Part for Imaging in the OR” and Mr. Klaus Christian (Messrs. Maquet & Co. KG Surgical Workplaces) concerning “Hybrid OR, New Conditions for Planning”. Dr. Frank Wille (Hybeta GmbH) introduces the standard DIN 1946/4, especially as concerns hygiene aspects. In the following Rupert Mack presents the Continuous Particle Monitoring (CPM) during surgery – supplemented by Mr. Michael Mueller of Weiss Klimatechnik who will speak about CPM system solutions for measuring resp. control and regulating technology. The hybrid OR is subject of a lecture of Koen Noordermeer (Philips GmbH).

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