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The Foot Orthosis for an Individual Lifestyle

ErgoPad® weightflex 2

The orthopedic ErgoPad weightflex 2 orthosis is particularly flat and flexible and is ideal for patients who change their shoes regularly. The innovative core supports the foot arches and allows a natural heel-to-toe movement.
The new generation of weightflex foot orthoses features a core coated with high-quality polyurethane soft foam. The unique technique of using a partial foam coating leaves the core and its functionality exposed. The durable polyurethane plastic has effective cushioning properties despite its reduced construction height and it cushions sensitive areas of the foot. Sensorimotor spots in the PU surface gently stimulate the musculature. This stabilizes the hindfoot and supports the transverse arch.

Zeulenroda-Triebes, Jun 21, 2013