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The Clinical Trial that Caused Revolution

New line of Magnesium supplements that works!

A new clinical study, shows that most magnesium supplements have no efficacy due to the fact that are not absorbed to the cells.

Magnesium is an intracellular ion. The trial was the first ever, who tested intracellular absorption (and not only blood magnesium) and compared that absorption between magnesium citrate and Magnox (unique composition extracted from the Dead sea in Israel). The Magnesium Citrate absorbed to the blood but very little to the cells whereas the Magnox showed very high absorption and efficacy in reducing cholesterol and CRP.

The results of the trial (published in Magnesium Research magazine in 04/2012), changes the perception of magnesium absorption. Until now, magnesium  citrate and aspartate considered the best forms.

The results, pointed that Magnox - which is a patented composition based on Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate is the best form of magnesium in matter of absorption and efficacy.

Magnox is a registered Trade Mark of Naveh Pharma. A line of Magnox products was recently launched and contains: Magnox 520, Magnox 365, Magnox Lady (for PMS and Hof flashes), Magnox sport, Magnox Anti Cramps, Magnox migraine and Milk of Magnox - an osmotic laxative.

Mr. Nitsan Primor, CEO of Naveh Pharma , investigates magnesium more then 20 years says that that article explains the failure of so many clinical trials to prove the efficacy of magnesiun compared to placebo in so many magnesium deficiency related problems. "We are conducting now 4 trials to show the power of the real magnesium in order increase the awareness to magnesium and its important as well as the awareness to the huge deficiency in the western society and its consequences to public health" said Primor. "We are launching Magnox in USA , Europe and Russia. The feedback is simply unbelievable. Patients and doctors can't understand how simple mineral can improve so quickly their quality of life" says Primor.

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