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The Birth-Simulator by 3B Scientific

Düsseldorf, November 2007 – For the first time the birth-simulator SIMone™ was introduced to the medical experts and visitors at MEDICA 2007 in Düsseldorf/Germany. SIMone™ is the latest innovation in the field of simulators developed by the 3B Scientific Company, the worlds leading manufacturer of anatomical teaching aids. The patent-registered birth-simulator was built for an optimized training experience in vaginal-operative birth delivery using forceps and vacuum extraction.

“SIMone™ combines the most sought-after options into one unit. It is multimodal and highly realistic. Highlighted features include breath sounds and senses of pain of the parturient, as well as surface feel, to conduct the instrumental delivery in a medically-correct manner”, said Manfred Kurland, Managing Director of 3B Scientific. SIMone™ is the first birth-simulator concentrating exclusively on the needs of medical obstetricians. Upcoming obstetricians are trained in a routine sense to become familiar with difficult complications and more secure using forceps and vacuum extraction.

This birth-simulator shows a female abdomen. Inside the model there is a foetal head with a sagittal suture and fontanelle for determining the position and approach of the head. The monitor next to the model displays an exact image of the position and rotation of the foetal head within the maternal pelvis. Furthermore, the CTG and partogram, as well as documentation (history, findings) and interventions, are displayed. SIMone™ delivers daily during MEDICA in Hall 12, booth A63.

The basic development for SIMone™ is carried out at the Technical College (“Technische Universität”) in Munich, Institute for Medical Technology (“Zentralinstitut für Medizintechnik”), under the lead management of Dr. Rainer H. Burgkart and Dipl. Ing. Tobias Obst.

The 3B Scientific Company has been producing anatomical models, simulators and anatomical charts since 1948. Therefore, 3B Scientific is among the most experienced suppliers in Science, Education and Patient Education. Since 2002 their physics product range has expanded continuously. And in 2004 3B Scientific has become sole distributor of the high-quality SEIRIN® acupuncture needles for Europe. The brand name 3B Scientific® is represented in the education and science sector in more than 100 countries.