The Beurer LightUp app brightens up the day -- MEDICA Trade Fair


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The Beurer LightUp app brightens up the day

The Beurer LightUp app brightens up the day

This year at Beurer everything is revolving around Connect. At the MEDICA 2015, the Ulm-based healthcare specialist will present at the Beurer stand in hall 12, booth A31 its new WL 90 4-in-1 wake-up light and TL 100 brightlight together with the new LightUp app. This allows users to control both Bluetooth®-capable devices for example from the comfort of their sofa.

WL 90 4-in-1 wake-up light

The new WL 90 is a wake-up light, mood light, reading lamp and music station in a single product. As a wake-up light, the compact all-rounder helps users to wake naturally through the simulated sunrise with a slowly brightening light, and also helps users to fall asleep by simulating the sunset. Users can also choose to be woken by their favourite radio station or one of ten wake-up melodies. The mood light enables users to create a particular colour experience in the room. Here there is the choice between either one of the 256 colours or the colour change function, which creates a colourful alternation in the room with its ten pre-set mood light sequences. The WL 90 is also perfect as a reading lamp. The light intensity can be set to one of 20 light levels, while the LED gives a warm white light that is easy on the eyes. As a music station, the WL 90 allows users to set ten radio stations or play their own music via Bluetooth® through the LightUp app.

The basic functions can be controlled on the device itself. You have the option of using your smartphone with the Beurer LightUp app to use the extended functions, such as the music player, mood light sequence selection, setting a specific colour, setting the alarm, the various alarm settings and activating the sunset as well as switching the touch tone on or off. There is also a feature to charge your smartphone via a USB port.

TL 100 2-in-1 brightlight with LightUp app

The new TL 100 is a brightlight and mood light in a single product. As an extra highlight, you can operate the device from the comfort of your sofa using the new Beurer LightUp app developed by Beurer. The user can decide whether to operate the device on the light itself or to use the Beurer LightUp app to control all the brightlight functions on their smartphone.

The attractive design of the brightlight is partly down to the integrated LED technology. Dark areas are illuminated very evenly thanks to the 33 cm diameter illumination surface. The light intensity when in operation is approx. 10,000 lux, making it completely flicker-free and free of harmful UV radiation. The brightlight is also very energy-efficient thanks to the LED technology. An integrated dimmer allows you to choose between ten brightness levels, and the handy dimmer memory function saves the last level you set. You can also select the treatment time that can be set in five increments from 15 to 120 minutes. If the TL 100 is being used as a mood light, the user can set the colour change feature with ten pre-defined sequences such as the colour shuffle option that randomly displays the different colours or set one of 256 colour shades.