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Schiller Medizintechnik GmbH

The ARGUS PRO Telemetry TM-1

SCHILLER heralds a new age in telemetric monitoring

The ARGUS PRO Telemetry TM-1, with a small, strong casing and a brilliant 3.8“ colour screen, is the first telemetry recorder featuring diagnostic 12-lead ECG and SpO2 monitoring.

The ARGUS PRO Telemetry TM-1 is the world's first device to offer diagnostic 12-lead ECG with real-time display of all 12 leads. If required, the user can print the complete ECG with an automatic interpretation via the ARGUS PRO central station, or transmit it to the SCHILLER data management system (SEMA or SEMANET) for storage.
This not only saves you extra work if your patient requires a resting ECG, you can also very easily measure and assess the ECG both within and outside the clinic via a Web server solution.
Thanks to the full integration in the ARGUS PRO monitoring network, each telemetry unit can be monitored from any ARGUS PRO patient monitor and also send alarms. This increases the safety of your patients. By pressing the large emergency button on the TM-1, the patient can initiate an alarm in time and send it to the central station before a critical situation occurs.
In this way, latest data transmission technology ensures safe but still inexpensive monitoring.
Obtain the future today.
o Fully diagnostic 12-lead ECG
o Display of all 12 ECG waveforms
o Integrated resting ECG function
o Fully automatic interpretation
o SpO2 monitoring
o Optional voice instructions for the patient

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