Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation

The 2020 Vision & New CI proclamation ceremony is held

Samyang Group held the held the 2010 Vision & New CI Proclamation Ceremony in the auditorium of the Korean Church Centennial Memorial Building on February 15. With over 400 group employees present, the CEO’s speech was followed by the CI images, CI proclamation performance, videos of employees’ resolutions, advertising models Hye-ri and Sistar’s congratulatory videos, and everyone singing the company song.

At this proclamation ceremony, Samyang Group declared ‘the laying of the foundation for future development through qualitative growth’ and ‘the accomplishment of KRW5 trillion in sales’ as its visions for 2020. To this end, the company said, “We will improve our existing business portfolio with choice and focus and develop new markets at home and abroad by concentrating on developing new businesses and expanding highly profitable high-value-added products through securing differentiated R&D competencies.”

The newly introduced CI is a design that re-interpreted ‘Life’s Ingredients’ in an easier and friendlier way. The single quotation marks symbolize the materials technology applied to many products, and the double quotation marks symbolize open management communicating with the world. The three primary colors used in the logo express Samyang’s vision ‘Making Life Richer and More Convenient’ in colors.

 “As the convergence and digitalization of technology accelerates in the global economy, the 4th industrial revolution, which fundamentally changes the industrial paradigm, is starting,” said Chairman & CEO Kim Yoon about the business environment in his commemorative firmly underway. “I proclaim Vision 2020 and the new CI to unify the competencies of Samyang and create a better future.”

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