Telemedicine in Today's World -- MEDICA Trade Fair


AFC Industries, Inc.

Telemedicine in Today's World

The traditional method of providing healthcare is to bring the patient to the doctor. More recently, medical technology has enabled us to bring the doctor to the patient. Increasingly, the point of patient care is moving from inside the walls of the hospital, which is the most expensive place to deliver care, to outside those walls, to lower cost venues while seeking to improve the quality of care and the patient’s experience. Thanks to the introduction of high definition video conferencing, and hi-speed network connectivity, the virtual is becoming the reality.

In the midst of these technological advancements, you will find AFC Industries’ Telemedicine Video Cart. It provides a fully integrated, mobile computing workstation designed for enhanced efficiency when health services through advanced applications are necessary. Features like pneumatic height adjustment; HDPE work surface for easy cleaning and comfort; Camera and monitor mounts for patient viewing; Built in handles for ease of mobility; Optional battery power supply for fully independent operation and more.

Organizations such as Hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks and Accountable Care Organizations are recognizing the benefits afforded by the Telemedicine Video Cart. Nurses love the maneuverability and premium fit. IT departments like the unit because it offers easy access for computer upgrades and service, and Administrators love the total cost of ownership and the lifetime guarantee pledge.