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Telehealth Solutions From Ergotron

Telehealth Solutions From Ergotron

Telehealth can expand care by enabling connection and collaboration with medical specialists or teams, regardless of their physical locations. With Ergotron you can confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches any budget or needs.

StyleView® Telemedicine Carts & Accessories

Our specially designed Telemedicine Carts combine the power to support onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing with the benefits of our sixth-generation StyleView point-of-care carts.

(SV44-53T1*) Single Monitor, Powered
(SV44-56T1*) Dual Monitor, Powered
(SV44-57T1*) Back-to-Back Monitor, Powered
(97-855) SV Ethernet Side Cover, for LCD Carts
(97-856) SV Ethernet Side Cover, for Laptop Carts
(97-854) SV Telemedicine Bin

Telepresence Accessories for SV43/44 Carts:

Combine the power of videoconferencing with the point-of-care benefits of StyleView.

(97-872) Back-to-Back Monitor Telepresence Kit
(97-871) Dual Monitor Telepresence Kit
(97-870) Single Monitor Telepresence Kit