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Trig Medical Ltd.

Technology & product

 Trig Medical’s products leverage position tracking, ultrasound technology, and proprietary software, to provide staff with a non-invasive method to collect consistent and accurate measurements.
The Company has an extensive intellectual property portfolio and has developed two cutting-edge products:
LaborPro is a decision support system, providing a non-invasive, accurate determination of all labor progression parameters. A Simple ultrasound scan automatically determines the baby’s head position, station & descent. Position sensors allow for ruler-like measurements of cervical dilatation and length, and critical pelvis diameters (pelvimetry). LaborPro consists of position sensors, ultrasound imaging, user-friendly software, and disposable items. It can use external ultrasound input, or an integrated ultrasound unit.
TrigGuide provides real time visual guidance for free-hand interventional ultrasonography procedures. TrigGuide includes a computer, proprietary software, a position sensor and a disposable sterile needle adaptor to connect the needle to the position sensor. TrigGuide is an independent unit which is compatible with virtually any ultrasound system and interventional device.