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Technology of complex chrono-magnetic therapy – the next step in creation of strongly effective systems of magnetic therapy of new generation.

Electromagnetic field, being a natural physical factor of environment for living organisms, is determined by many biotropic parameters over a wide range, the action of which can produce both positive and negative effects. The use of electromagnetic fields in treatment purposes requires the development of methods and means that will be able to form and organize therapeutic impact in the special way, to produce accurate proportioned determination and regulation of the majority of its biotropic parameters, to realize their control and coordination with the patient's physiological parameters and biorhythms.

Technology of chrono-magnetic therapy presented in "Multimag" complex provides:

- synthesis and formation of distributed in time and in space, multidimensional and multiparameter magnetic impact of different but strictly defined configuration, of complex structure, with adjustable and controlled heterogeny and orientation around the patient;

- dosed determination and regulation of biotropic parameters, analytical configuration of the magnetic impact with mathematical precision and ultimate resolution;

- frequently-temporal, spatial, parametric and adaptive coordination of magnetic impact with hemodynamics, chronobiology and physiology of the patient;

-biotechnical feedback and synchronization of magnetic impact imposed with various features.

Significant physiological effect corresponding to the natural character of the interaction may have weak stimulate impacts of harmonic nature, which can be repetitive, connected in an octave or by using more subtle methods of harmony generating with specific frequencies of the various organism's subsystems.

Using the body's ability to grip frequencies after the preliminary synchronization with the specific frequency of the subsystem, one can turn it over into a lower (higher) discrete level of operation frequency by lowering (raising) very slowly the frequency of stimulation , i.e., to change its "own time" by changing the number of repeated cycles .

Taking into consideration the possibility of the real oscillator to couple with "neighbors" impact on several frequencies for greater effect can be considered reasonable.

Positive therapeutic effect in vascular diseases treatment has been observed in 70% up to 98% cases, depending on the following factors - the kind of the disease, its severity and duration time, age of the patient, and other concomitant diseases etc.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the new technology the following control methods were used: computerized tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance tomography, registration of blood microcirculation, amplitude determination of oscillator-endothelial, myogenetic cardiac impulses, determination of acid-base balance, determination of partial pressure О2 and СО2 in the blood, activity of enzyme systems of the membrane energy complexes, registration of systemic hemodynamics including cerebral venous outflow, homeostasis, hemorheology, using Doppler ultrasound, including transcranial, triplex scanning, volumetric system sphygmography, trancubotal monitoring, laser ultrasonic Doppler flowmetry and a number of other modern methods of examination.
Methods of treatment have been scientifically proved and developed in Research-and-Development Testing Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine MD (Moscow) and in Moscow Regional Research-and-Development Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirskiy, 2 Central Military Clinical Hospital named after P.V.Mandryka.

New medical technology "Medical and preventative application of chrono-magnetic therapeutic complex "Multimag" is included to the Register of new technologies ФС №2011 / 406.