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Targeted training with cardioscan

Most users of fitness studios these days are interested in more than a good figure. Feeling fit, avoiding health problems and training their muscles, joints and cardiovascular systems are among the chief aims of sports enthusiasts. But what constitutes an optimum health-inducing training programme? Taking medical data and the personal goals of the club member as its basis, cardioscan CS-3 effect, the heart and stress screening tool manufactured by Hamburg-based Energy-Lab Technolo-gies GmbH, works out an individual training programme.

cardioscan CS-3 effect is the result of conscious product tailoring by En-ergy-Lab towards the professional health provider market. Primary focus is the interface between medical and sporting fields: it is no accident that medi-cal wellness and physio training are the buzzwords that reflect the current ongoing trend – doing just the right amount of active sport to benefit your health.

It couldn’t be simpler: cardioscan registers an ECG and converts it into an easily understood graphic, the electro-cardio portrait (Electrocardiopartrait® - ECP) and measures the heart’s individual stress level. Then the client’s per-sonal goals are identified and registered. Using this data, cardiosan calcu-lates the optimum heart rate range for the training and the ideal length and frequency of the training units.

cardioscan CS-3 effect, the Hamburg-based medico-technical company’s latest development, can do even more. It not only stores the user’s previous test results, it displays them as a sequence and so provides a documentary record of continuing training progress.

cardioscan has been on the market since 2002 and has seen use in around 1000 clubs, where approximately 5 million heart checks have been carried out over the past few years. In many cases, cardioscan has helped prevent serious problems, since on average, five per cent of readings show irregulari-ties that require clarification by a cardiologist. In its new incarnation, cardio-scan CS-3 effect combines the elegance of clean, modern design with per-fect functionality. New single-use electrodes provide exceptionally reliable data and aid marketing at the point of sale.

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