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Talley Group Targets Middle East for Next Phase of Global Expansion

The company can draw from nearly 60 years of UK based manufacturing experience, at its vertically integrated production base and head office in Hampshire, where all products are designed, developed and manufactured. As the largest privately owned company in its sector, Talley has been able to blend the perfect mix of high quality and cost effectiveness.

As a direct result of its exceptional quality, production efficiency and closely controlled manufacturing costs, Talley has seen continued growth year on year, which has in turn helped the company grow its customer base and expand its international network of distribution partners.

The latest success is in Saudi Arabia, where Talley has won a project to build and deliver a significant quantity of its Synchro sequential compression therapy system for the prevention of DVT. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) remains a major source of complications among hospitalised patients and the Synchro system increases blood flow to help reduce the risk of DVT in surgical, post-operative or immobilised patients.

Paul Hoff, Talley’s International Sales Manager commented, “We are absolutely delighted with this recent development and to have secured the collaboration with a distribution partner in Saudi Arabia who is just as dynamic as Talley. I am confident that they will continue to play a fundamental role in the development of Talley’s presence in the Middle East.”

Talley’s complete product range includes pressure relieving mattresses and seating systems, DVT and compression therapy products, VENTURI negative pressure wound therapy systems and Sylvan wipe clean pillows and duvets.

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