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Talk to Lighting-Directors

Derungs Licht AG strives to initiate a fundamentally different approach to light and to the effects it can create. Light is not simply one of the environmental factors which nowadays is hazardous to our health, but light has a significant impact on our well-being.

Lighting in hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes must always meet two most different requirements. The specialized staff working in these buildings requires optimal illumination for daily work. In contrast to this, residents desire lighting systems which create a pleasant and homelike atmosphere.

Most people in need of care are forced to share bedrooms, floors and social rooms with other residents. This situation must be considered by the lighting system selected. Proper lighting facilitates life for people in need of care in the unfamiliar environment of a hospital or nursing home, increases their well-being, simplifies orientation, stimulates senses, makes residents more independent, enhances self-confidence and thus contributes positively towards recovery.

For the above-mentioned reasons, aspects for the preservation of a high quality of life and well-being are nowadays increasingly considered within the framework of the construction of new hospitals, medical practices or nursing homes and for the conversion of existing buildings. Already during early planning stages, designers and architects should consider the benefits of modern lighting technology and be aware of all related standards.

The design and the lighting concept of rooms must be the result of a well-balanced compromise between functionality, modern technology and the creation of a pleasant environment. The clinical atmosphere of buildings can be embellished by the selection of proper light colors, different switching circuits, light accents, glare-free light and sophisticated lighting design in order to ensure that people can feel at ease in a medical environment.

In many cases, the combination of different types of lighting (general lighting, lighting for medical purposes/reading, examination lights) provides the best and most flexible solution for a “company”. All depends on the proper combination!

Experience light in realistic settings on our booth A16 in hall 13 at the MEDICA 2007, Germany
We are proud to present lighting scenes from your everyday life, and show you possible lighting solutions. Come in and “experience” the light and talk with us about your individual requirements - talk to Lighting-Directors! There is much more to these lights than meets the eye! Prepare to be surprised!

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