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Hydro Physio (A Division of Syspal Ltd.)

Taking the plunge with Hydro Physio at MEDICA

Revolutionary rehabilitation equipment which uses the unique properties of water to speed up recovery and reduce the risk of injury will be showcased at MEDICA 2007; the world’s largest healthcare technologies trade fair at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, November 14 -17.

The Hydro Physio Lifestyle benefits patients across all levels of health; combining futuristic styling and treadmill whilst utilising the natural properties of water to provide an ideal environment for reduced weight bearing exercise. From the first steps of rehabilitation to high performance training for elite athletes, the Lifestyle offers significant advantages.

With Lifestyle, patients can return to exercise sooner than conventional treatments because of decreased strain on muscles, joints and bones; which can result in quicker rehabilitation and more effective strength building. Training professionals can easily monitor progress and range of movement with clear visibility of the patient.

For additional control of muscle development, resistance can be altered with the Lifestyle’s water jets, which also work to lightly massage and soothe tender muscles. The equipment’s all round visibility enhances gait analysis of the user, with hoist systems available enabling debilitated patients to begin therapy at an early stage.

Hydro Physio will also be launching both the new Focus Trainer at MEDICA 2007; an economical, compact and functionally effective hydrotherapy training unit, and the Lifestyle Wellbeing Pool where water temperature can be altered to promote effective rehabilitation or post operative treatment.

Hydro Physio products meet MDD class 1 directive and are manufactured in accordance with ISO13485.

A leading University in Germany will soon be announcing the much anticipated results of clinical trials; looking at the effects of exercise in water on heart, blood pressure, fitness, weight control and rehabilitation. Hydro Physio are also working closely with the NHS, in developing their rehabilitation programme further.

Chris Truman, Managing Director of Hydro Physio, said: “MEDICA is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate the great benefits of the natural properties of water combined with cutting-edge equipment. At the show we will have a professional athlete demonstrating the Lifestyle and inviting visitors to experience this innovation too.”

See Hydro Physio at MEDICA in hall 5 / H37