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TWIP - Test for Women with Irregular Period

A Pregnancy test with a twist!

Unicoms, your partner in innovation, presents the latest in pregnancy test market - Twip; a biodegradable midstream pregnancy test for women with irregular periods

Research shows around 60% of women have regular periods. So far all the pregnancy tests in the market cater to them. With Twip, you now have a unique opportunity to sell to the remaining 40% without any competition!!

Special sensitivity of the test ensures Twip is appropriate for women with irregular periods. Twip delivers over 99% accuracy. The female–friendly patented twist and turn concept of Twip ensures extra emphasis on hygiene.

Twip is also environmentally friendly. We passionately believe that every product produced by us should minimize the damage and preserve our planet for the future generations. This is why Twip is manufactured with special components, which disintegrates the plastic anywhere between 9 months and 5 years.

Let's join hands to make you the market leaders in this very specialized category!