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TRUMPF Medical Systems equips Romanian hospitals


TRUMPF Medical Systems equips Romanian hospitals with operating lights an tables for maternity and newborn care

Improving mother and child care as well as emergency services is one of the priority targets for Phase II of the World Bank’s Health Sector Reform Project for Romania. TRUMPF Medical Systems is helping to achieve this aim. The company recently won together with its Romanian distributor Tehnoplus Service the project’s tender for maternity and neonatal care equipment. As a result, TRUMPF Medical Systems will be delivering 88 iLED surgical lights and 87 MARS operating tables to Romanian clinics.

In 2004, the World Bank launched Phase II of its Health Sector Reform Project for Romania. Its objective is among others to improve access, quality and health outcomes for maternity and newborn care, emergency care and rural primary health care. This project supports the second phase of the health sector reform program initiated in 2000. Part of its strategic purpose is to bring about an improvement in the efficiency of the Romanian health system.

“Projects like this one are an important step in improving the healthcare situation in many countries,” says Harald Völker, Head of the TRUMPF Group’s Medical Technology Division. “We are very proud to be a partner in this project and to enjoy the confidence of the World Bank and the Government of Romania. With our products, the Romanian clinics will have the efficient equipment they need to carry out their daily work.”

TRUMPF’s surgical lights and operating tables will be installed in 64 hospitals all around Romania until February 2011. “We consider Romania to be one of the important healthcare markets in Eastern Europe,” states Völker. “And, of course, success in this tender underlines our excellent market position in Romania.”