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TRUMPF Medizin Systeme GmbH + Co. KG

TRUMPF Medical Systems Expands Product Portfolio

New member of TRUMPF’s product portfolio: assistance system ViKY® .
As a vendor of solution systems used to equip operating rooms and intensive care units, TRUMPF is addressing surgeons directly with the ViKY® assistance concept. ViKY® provides support in general surgery, as well as, urological and gynecological procedures. The system may be used either to guide and hold the endoscope during laparoscopic interventions or as a holding and positioning system for uterine manipulators. ViKY® is comprised of a control system and a compact robotic unit that attaches to the operating table’s side rail with an articulated arm. With the appropriate adapters, ViKY® can interface with all the standard endoscope optical systems and cameras and with uterine manipulators, regardless of the make. Instruments can be guided, positioned and held during the operation in response to commands issued by voice or with a food control pedal. The system can store different positioning configurations in memory and recreate them later on command. Above and beyond that, up to fifty surgeons can use the system and each of them can configure the system personally.