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TRUMPF Leasing Offers: Individual Paths Out of the Investment Jam

TRUMPF also offers its products and solutions for the OR and ICU in economical monthly leasing packages. All lease and rent-to-buy models and contract forms in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are possible. The most important advantage for hospitals compared to a bank lease: TRUMPF knows the leased product and the requirements of the customer exactly and can therefore individually adapt the offers and contracts to them. In addition, existing lines of credit are not strained, which helps customers maintain financing leeway and gives them more independence in questions of financing.

“The technological advantage is more decisive than ever in the economic success of a hospital,” says Dr. Kordt Griepenkerl, Managing Director of TRUMPF Medical Systems. “With regard to cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, and as a way out of the innovation jam, leasing becomes ever more interesting. We even think that in the future it will be the most successful financing model.”

In accordance with the principle that utility is more important than ownership, TRUMPF offers individual leasing contracts that give hospitals greater financing leeway. In this way, hospitals do not have to tie themselves for many years to one product that in the end is completely obsolete. Instead, they can keep abreast of technological developments and still protect their liquidity. Cost transparency and budget security also increase because costs and profits of the investment run parallel.

Leasing from TRUMPF also pays off when drafting a contract. This is because the leasing team, thanks to its market knowledge and proximity to the customer, creates the financing contracts flexibly and according to the requirements of the customer. For example, maintenance and service contracts can be considered in the calculation of the leasing rate because regular maintenance by TRUMPF maintains the quality and the market value of the product. A burden is also taken off the customer’s shoulders because the maintenance of the leased object is completely guaranteed without any effort on his or her part. In addition, pullout and special termination clauses can be individually adapted. Flexible term periods and defined use and return options ease the later changeover to further-developed successor models. Customers who first want to familiarise themselves with the product in a test phase can also choose a short-term leasing contract. And if the customer wants to buy the product outright at the end of the term, he or she benefits from the advantageous residual value conditions.