TRACOE medical GmbH

TRACOE humid assist III and IV: Two new HMEs with oxygen supply port

The new TRACOE humid assist III and IV and moisture exchangers (HMEs) with oxygen supply port from TRACOE medical GmbH, Germany, provide a highly effective repiratory air filtering and humidification function for patients with tracheostoma. They significantly reduce cooling and desiccation of the trachea and the bronchi by retaining the patient's own expired heat and moisture and returning both to the patient during inspiration.
An integrated (humid assist IV) or removable (humid assist III) oxygen supply port allows the application of oxygen to hypoxic patients. A safety valve (humid assist IV)facilitates high tidal volumes and the expectoration of even large quantities of secretion. Use of thes new HMEs thus reduces irritation of the airways, the thickening of secretions, the formation of crusts, the risk of atelectasis and accommodates the nees of hypoxic patients.

The new HMEs complement TRACOE's humid assist family with its established HMEs humid assist I (with 15mm connector or flat base for connection to stoma buttons) and humid assist II for combined use with the hands-free speaking valve TRACOE phon assist II.