TOPexidine -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Esteriplas, Produtos Para a Area da Saude, Lda.


Esteriplás catalog has a new range of products: alcoholic gluconate clorohexidine antiseptic solutions, under TOPexidine brand name.

TOPexidine is available on two diferent concentrations: 0,5% and 2% of clorohexidine on an 70% alcoholic base.
Ready to use liquid hand/ skin disinfectant with broad-spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action.
Contains clorohexidine gluconate which provides residual antimicrobial protection to hands and skin and an emollient that leaves the hands/skin smooth and soft, without irritation.
No stickiness – no glove tears.

TOPexidine can be suplieed on three pratical packaging for diferent purposes: 100 ml, 300ml and 1000ml.