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TNI softFlow 50

TNI the more compliant = the more efficient noninvasive Ventilation

More Quality of Life by Therapy with Nasal Insufflation

Efficient therapy follows patients

The TNI softFlow systems of the TNI medical AG, ensure the latest findings for a side-effect free, high quality, safe and easy to use ventilation treatment for clinical and home care use.

Worldwide 10 percent of the total population is suffering from COPD which is one of the most fast growing diseases and an enormous challenge for all health care systems worldwide. Current standards treating these patients in home care have significant problems and disadvantages. TNI medical AG is targeting a cost effective therapy which is adapted to the patients needs individually.

Therapy with Nasal Insufflation supplies the patient an accurate flow and humidity regulated, warm air flow, if necessary combined with oxygen, by a very thin sound optimized heated nasal prong applicator. This leads to an improvement of ventilation with a high therapy acceptance and excellent patient outcome.

“Our long lasting active research work resulted in consequent enhancements of our TNI systems”, emphasizes Ewald Anger, CEO of TNI medical AG. “With our new TNI softFlow systems we are able to comply clinical requirements and to continue the following homecare therapy identically and safe”.


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