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TESLA Stym - Functional Magnetic Stimulation

We have developed a revolutionary new machine TESLA Stym - Functional Magnetic Stimulation - FMS which achieves the magnetic field strength up to 1,7 Tesla.

  • Functional Magnetic Stimulation FMS

  • New innovative joint pain relief treatment

  • Noninvasive and painless method

  • Easy to reach every part of the body

  • Magnetic field strength up to 1.7 Tesla

  • Possibility of fixing the applicator

How does a magnetic field activate a muscle?

Rapid changes of magnetic field intensity induce an electrical current in the neuron. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction. Once the current reaches a certain value, a so-called neuron action potential is achieved. This causes the neuron cell to depolarize, which eventually leads to a complete muscle contraction.

What are the advantages of TESLA Stym FMS, Functional Magnetic Stimulation?

  • FMS allows stimulation of deep muscle structures that cannot be reached by FES

  • FMS effectively stimulates muscle tissue without direct skin contact

  • FMS is painless, noninvasive and thus suitable for patients where FES cannot be used

  • The applicator can be fixed to the body or the therapist can perform therapy manually

  • Manually moving the applicator allows motor units to be found easily, enabling effective stimulation

  • No negative side effects are known in the literature as long as contraindications are taken into account


• Musculoskeletal disorders: degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical pain, muscle pain

• Spinal disorders: acute/chronic lumbago, hip gout (sciatica), spina bifida, spondylitis

• Nerve disorders: peripheral nerve damage
• Muscle relaxation, frozen shoulder
• Nerve or muscle rehabilitation after fractures
• Pain control for muscle atrophy, spasm, ankylosis
• Genitourinary diseases: prostate pain
• Acute pain control
• Sports injuries