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System-Independent Solution for DICOM Data Import

medavis DICOM Importer Pro

Smooth and safe reading of patient CDs; medavis DICOM Importer Pro combines depth of function and user-friendliness with seamless system integration

Karlsruhe, 3 November 2009 - Patient CDs are an important tool in the exchange of data between medical institutions. The import of the patient’s previous image data into the local PACS archive provides radiologists with direct access to their patients’ previous examinations, thus avoiding unnecessarily repeated examinations and improving medical care.

The handling of patient CDs is, however, a source of great concern for many physicians. In general, importing the unchanged data at the physician’s PACS workstation does not present a problem, but the operation of the clinic may make it more practical to read the patient’s CDs directly at the reception desk. One risk is that the identification of foreign systems may not be compatible with the software used, making imported images difficult to find or even assigned to another patient by mistake.

For two years, medavis has been providing an intuitive to use solution for the effortless import of DICOM standard images into PACS archives worldwide, the DICOM Importer Pro. Besides patient CDs, data from other external image sources, from ultrasound and endoscopy images to scans and photographs, can also be quickly and easy saved in the PACS archive using DICOM Importer Pro. Users are given the option of loading the entire contents of the CD at the push of a button, or of previewing individual images or series before selecting the relevant files for import. The correct patient and examination data is clear and easy to identify before importing, ensuring consistent data management. In addition to manual input, it is also possible to use numerous interfaces to existing IT systems, a simpler and safer option.

medavis will present the latest version of DICOM Importer Pro at MEDICA 2009. Among the new functions is the DICOM Query; patient and study data is allocated via a direct query to the PACS archive, the acquisition of the patient identification, and the subsequent import of the data. As a further highlight, the Multi-Archive feature enables interaction with a number of different PACS archives. This allows the DICOM Importer Pro to be integrated with even more versatility and to adapt to each respective workflow with ease.

Whether image data is imported in the reception, in the back office or directly at the physician’s desk, the user-friendly software can be used anywhere, runs without any problems on all workstations and is particularly suitable for untrained users who do not have a personal PACS workstation.

About medavis
medavis GmbH is a leading provider of medical information systems for radiology. The key product is medavis RIS, the workflow-oriented radiology information system. Through its modular construction and open interfaces to other systems, medavis RIS is ideally suited for use in radiology facilities of all sizes. The medavis PACS image management system, as well as a corresponding range of hardware, completes the company’s portfolio. In addition to its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company also has a full subsidiary in Shanghai, China and an international network of partners. The tried and tested medavis systems are successfully in use in over 200 installations worldwide. medavis GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

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