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Syndicate Healthcare

Syndicate pioneer in the field of Patient Identification Solutions


We, Syndicate Healthcare, can help Hospitals, Trusts, Healthcare Organizations reduce long term costs and improve patient identification through our exciting range of ultimoID® MED Patient ID Wristbands, which have been designed keeping patient comfort in mind.

Syndicate Healthcare is a div. of Syndicate Group: an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and a leading manufacturer of Patient ID Wristbands with over 27 years of experience in the people identification and access control industry.

Our products include ultimoID® MED Direct Thermal Printable Wristbands (available in roll-form) and ultimoID® MED Laser Printable Wristband-Label Sheets (available in A4 sheets).

The key features of our wristbands are following:
UK – NHS & NPSA and USA – NPSG compliant
• Can be printed with patient data directly from the hospital’s Patient Admission System
• Waterproof and resistant to soap, detergents, gels, sprays, alcohol, blood etc.
• Non-allergenic and breathable material; easy to clean
• Soft and smooth edges; no sharp corners
• Available in Adult, Child & Infant sizes (in both Red and White colours)

Our product quality is second to none and we ensure immediate dispatches and continuous supply throughout the globe through our various distribution centers. Check more details of our products at: