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Qualcomm Incorporated today announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, Inc., is collaborating in France with MEDECIN DIRECT, which will use Qualcomm Life’s award winning 2netTM Platform and Hub to provide connectivity for its e-Health pharmacy and patient platform, “Système de Monitoring Médicalisé en Pharmacie ou à Domicile”

(SYMPAD™). Qualcomm Life’s move into France follows existing 2net-based eHealth services collaborations and deployments in Scandinavia, Italy and Spain.

“We are very pleased to have MEDECIN DIRECT as our 1st patients and pharmacists a more effective way to manage and monitor specific chronic diseases to reduce hospital admissions and improve rehabilitation” said Laurent Vandebrouck, managing director of Qualcomm Life in Europe. “This collaboration shows that the benefits of remote monitoring and telehealth are beginning to be better understood and appreciated in France.”

In France it is estimated that 15 million people, i.e. 20 % of the population, suffer from one or more chronic diseases, such as COPD, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The aim of telehealth is to provide an end-to-end solution to support the patient-doctor relationship, improve a patient’s quality of life, and lower health costs. With the growing burden of chronic diseases and an ageing population in France, telehealth can be used as a means to help reduce hospital readmissions through interventions like remote monitoring.

In collaboration with Qualcomm Life, MEDECIN DIRECT will set up designated e-health spaces in French pharmacies to enable chronic disease patients, with the support of the pharmacists, to take standard biometric measurements including weight, spirometry, and blood pressure. MEDECIN DIRECT will then collect the patient data and provide health recommendations to patients remotely and collaborate with the pharmacist and the GP for the benefit of the patient. The private e-health spaces in the pharmacies will also allow patients with chronic diseases to be trained by the pharmacist on the use of connected medical devices as well as monitoring therapeutic observance and pharmacovigilance if necessary. Pharmacists will also be able to sell full medical device kits to patients that can or want to take their biometric readings in their own home, where the data will be transferred securely and in total confidentiality from the patient’s home directly to the SYMPAD™ platform.

Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform and Hub are designed to enable health care service providers and device manufacturers to wirelessly connect their medical devices to a secure, cloud-based platform so that biometric information is easily accessible by device users, their health care providers and caregivers. The 2net Platform and Hub are each individually CE certified and listed as Class I Medical Devices in Europe, and are designed to be compliant with EU and national regulations regarding the privacy and security of personal health data.

MEDECIN DIRECT is a medical platform that currently employs 20 GPs and Specialists to provide medical advice to beneficiaries of complementary health insurances. MEDECINDIRECT has developed SYMPAD™ to provide monitoring services and feedback to chronic patients. SYMPAD™ monitors biometric data received from connected medical devices either in a patient’s home or in a pharmacy and can redirect patients to his or her current GP when necessary. The SYMPAD™ project has been granted by the French government.