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Symmetry Training - an innovation in stroke treatment

• Symmetry Training

The Symmetry Training is an innovative advancement of the MOTOmed viva2, which was especially developed for the treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients.

• Users

Mostly stroke patients, but also patients with neurological illnesses (MS, SCI, CP, …) use the Symmetry Training.

• Functionality

During active training (with own muscle strength) the
Symmetry Training displays. It shows how intense each
of the both leg and arm sides work. So the patient gets
a feedback and can focus to a balanced percentage of
both sides.

• Specialities/ advantages

1. It can improve the body symmetry
2. The coordination (brain – muscles) can be trained and improved.
3. The concentration and motivation increases.
4. It can avoid a compensation pattern and therewith an overexertion of the healthy side.

• Use

The Symmetry Training is used in clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, physical therapy clinics and at home.

• Interested?

You receive more information at the Medica 2007 in Duesseldorf (14.11.-17.11.2007) at the booth C48, hall 4 or on our webpage

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