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swisstom AG

Swisstom AG makes lung function visible without x-rays

Swisstom AG is a Swiss medical technology company focused on designing, developing and marketing real-time lung function imaging devices. The basic technology is Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) which continuously monitors lung collapse and over-distention of intensive care patients without using x-rays. Respiratory care becomes easier and more effective because results are immediately and continually available. In the end, clinicians can save more patients and hospitals become more efficient.
Founded in 2009, the Company started its operation in 2011 and released its first products already three years later. The revolutionary Swisstom technology is offered stand-alone or integrated into third-party devices such as intensive care ventilators, vital signs monitors and ICU beds of leading medical technology players (OEM approach).

Swisstom BB2 makes the technology available as stand-alone solution and Salvia medical GmbH has integrated the Swisstom modules in their high-end critical care ventilator, the Elisa 800VIT. Now available in the CE market, the EIT technology can start to unfold its effect, to safe the life of thousands of patients, making it "probably a revolution in mechanical ventilation" (Constantin Crit. Care 2014, 16:164)