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Suprapubic Breakthrough by Mediplus

Medical Directors to take immediate action on suprapubic catheterisation

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has recently released the Rapid Response Report (RRR) warning that incorrect suprapubic catheterisation (SPC) insertion can be fatal. It outlines an urgent five-point action plan to Medical Directors in acute and community hospitals.
Medical directors have to provide information and demonstrate evidence to show efforts in meeting these guidelines to the NPSA, by the deadline of April 2010.
In order to meet the action plan, support is available for Medical Directors in the form of the ‘How To, Why To Guide’ developed by the NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) earlier in the year. The guide provides clinical evidence, a business case, costing model and roadmap to implementing suprapubic catheters and improving safety. NTAC also encourage adoption of the Seldinger SPC kit, from Mediplus, which is designed to help minimise associated risks of suprapubic catheterisation
Unlike traditional suprapubic catheterisation, the operating principle behind the Seldinger SPC kit involves the use of a guide-wire, which removes any ‘guess work’ during insertion.
Mr Ruaraidh MacDonagh, consultant urological surgeon for the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, pointed out: “Suprapubic catheterisation using the Seldinger technique offers a safer alternative to the traditional procedure. The suprapubic catheter insertion clinic allows patients the opportunity to have the procedure undertaken under local anaesthetic, thus preventing the risks associated with general anaesthesia in a relaxed, out-patient environment.”
Mediplus is committed to helping Medical Directors to meet the RRR and is offering its assistance. James Urie, Sales and Marketing Director says: “Patients and clinicians prefer Suprapubic catheterisation for a number of reasons. Now we are able to offer a safer technique, we can help to improve the quality of life for patients all over the world and help reduce healthcare expenditure at the same time. The Mediplus ethos is to work together to make the difference to product efficacy, clinical outcomes and patients' experiences, so we will invest the time to help Medical Directors to meet the RRR head-on”
If you are a Medical Director and wish to receive assistance from Mediplus, please phone +44 (0) 1494 551200.

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