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Supporting role in the OR – providing full flexibility


Whenever a clinic sets up a new operating room or intensive care unit, the equipment should be able to meet all requirements for the next 20 years. At the same time, however, tight budgets increasingly restrict many hospitals’ freedom to act. TRUMPF Medical Systems gave careful consideration to these factors when developing it’s latest innovation, TruPort. These ceiling-mounted supply units, can keep pace with changes in everyday work in clinics as well as with the individual demands of their users. This creative system makes it easy to remodel, convert and expand workstations even after their installation. TruPort ceiling-mounted supply units enable quick and convenient workstation design, even without tools in some cases. As a result, the hospital staff can make adjustments at any time according to safety, ergonomic and economic requirements. That means TruPort is equipped for a broad range of applications and represents a secure long-term investment.

Flexible configuration
TruPort support heads can be set up individually on all four sides and over their entire length. The front and rear are no longer fixed mounted as in previous ceiling-mounted supply units. The TruPort architecture permits users to replace, and move components and accessories with little effort. Thanks to a spring-aided clip system, trained personnel can also flexibly integrate, remove or vary the arrangement of gas, power and data supply modules by means of a simple tool.

Unique multifunctional rail
Components like rotatable LED lights, cable remote controls for anesthetics or drawers without handles can be attached at the optimum place on a multifunctional rail using the simple click mechanism. This means they are securely fixed in place, supplied with electricity and immediately ready for operation. It is also possible to attach a standard rail to the multifunctional rail for standard accessories, such as baskets, infusion rod holders or monitor support arms. If components required later are forgotten in the planning phase, it doesn’t matter with TruPort. Individual elements can be flexibly changed in terms of their position or even retrofitted thanks to standardized interfaces. This means an interchange between individual installations or even between operating rooms or intensive care units poses no problem at all.

Easy operation
An electro-pneumatic brake system in combination with a friction brake facilitates positioning of the ceiling-mounted supply unit and enhances safety during handling. The brake system is coupled to the internal bus system. The respective operating elements can be attached to any side and at any height without tools – even several at the same time. They enable intuitive use thanks to the patented color coded brake system. All TruPort models permit 330-degree rotation so users can easily swivel the supply unit outside the work area if necessary. An optional motorized lifting mechanism on the TruPort head facilitates individual positioning of additional equipment, such as anesthesia or respiration devices, and provides for foot and floor clearance.

Perfected design
In developing the new ceiling-mounted supply units, TRUMPF attached importance to the use of high-quality and durable materials as well as a slim shape and minimal spatial requirements. Closed, flush-fitting surfaces help meet clinical hygiene demands and additionally make the system aesthetically appealing.

Convincing performance
Three different TruPort support head sizes are available: the smallest version has side dimensions of 220 by 220 millimeters, the medium size has a rectangular cross-section of 310 by 220 millimeters while the largest head measures 310 by 310 millimeters for maximum equipment needs. In terms of length, all support heads can be varied between 250 and 1750 millimeters in increments of 250 millimeters. Single-arm and double-arm systems are possible. In units with horizontal freedom of movement the support arm lengths can vary between 600 and 1300 millimeters. In units that are additionally height-adjustable the maximum length is 1000 millimeters. This provides for a reach of up to 2600 millimeters. The maximum load depends on the configuration and support arm lengths and ranges between 120 and 340 kilograms. The medium-load ceiling-mounted supply unit is the TruPort 5000 while the TruPort 5500 and 5510 versions offer motorized height adjustment. The heavy-load ceiling-mounted supply unit is the TruPort 7000 series, including the TruPort 7500 as the version with motorized height adjustment.

Investment in the future
TRUMPF ceiling-mounted supply units, and prior to that their forerunners from Kreuzer Medizin Systeme, have been supporting work in hospitals and clinics for over 30 years. More than 50,000 installations are in operation worldwide. This extensive experience along with the demands of users formed the basis for development of the new support heads, ensuring optimum work support in the OR and in intensive care units. TruPort support heads can be retrofitted to all TRUMPF klinoPORT and incarePORT units installed as of the year 2000.