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Supply solutions in patient rooms - What criteria must be considered

Picture: Matthias Mühle

Matthias Mühle, Head of Global Competence Center Infrastructure Projects at Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA; © Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

Supply in patient rooms is possible in various ways. What really are good supply solutions explains Matthias Mühle from Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA at the MEDICA TECH FORUM 2015. He talked to about the benefits of industrially manufactured medical care units.

Mr. Mühle, which supply solutions are particularly important in patient rooms?

In patient rooms, too, the requirements regarding media supply are becoming increasingly complex. In many patient rooms a supply of medical gases, electrical outlets, IT interfaces, nurse call, communication interfaces and also light has to be ensured.

In order to ensure a secure supply of all these media and the application of other medical devices at the bedside, medical supply units are used.

The trend is going more and more in the direction of solutions that support a homely atmosphere in the patient room. This is why the companies which are organized in the ZVEI offer various medical supplies which convince in design and also ensure full functionality and safety.

Picture: Supply beam in the patient room

A good supply solution improves the work process by providing device ports and media sources with a high ground clearance. Medical equipment and accessories can be positioned along the beam as it best suits both patient and user; ©

What concrete benefits do industrially manufactured medical care units have for the user?

With industrially manufactured medical supply units we provide the operator with the assurance that all relevant standards and regulations are adhered to. The devices are subjected to all required electrical and mechanical tests before their market release. Each device must pass the prescribed production tests prior to delivery in production. Thus, the safety for the patient and the nursing staff is ensured.

The care in patients' rooms is possible in various ways. What are the main differences?

A medical supply unit is a class IIa or IIb medical device. Supply units which are not manufactured industrially but are made by various maintenance groups on site at the hospital also have to meet all the requirements of ISO 11197 and are a class IIa or IIb medical device.

Which visitors does your presentation at MEDICA 2015 address?

The lecture is aimed at architects, planners and technical personnel from health care facilities.

Foto: Daniel Stöter

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The interview was conducted and translated by Daniel Stöter.