AIRNERGY (natural energy solutions AG)

Supplementary air brings a breath of fresh air for practices offering individual healthcare services - Revolutionary service for self-paying patients receives approval from BDI

After efficacy, one of the most important criteria in the choice of individual healthcare services is cost-effectiveness. With the current savings being implemented across the healthcare system, individual healthcare services (known as IGeL services in Germany) are becoming more and more important for registered doctors. With the publication of a new expert opinion by a working group of the BDI (Professional Association of German Internists) looking into the Uniform Value Scale and Catalogue of Tariffs for Physicians, practising doctors offering the supplementary air treatment AIRNERGY can now increase their earnings treatment by around 40 per cent.

In recent years respiratory air therapy has established a growing reputation in medicine, sport and among a great many private users. Nowadays the term ‘supplementary air treatment’ is used to define this therapy and it too has become established as an individual healthcare service. Go to www.igel-kalkulator.de to help work out whether AIRNERGY would be cost-effective in your own practice.

In introducing the supplementary air treatment AIRNERGY, the Hennef-based firm of natural energy solutions AG has set new standards in complementary medicine. Advocates of the treatment include Dr. Wolfgang Grebe, specialist in internal medicine, Dr. med. Klaus Erpenbach, general practitioner and urologist, Dr. Elmar Wienecke, sports scientist, Balbir Singh, Formula 1 physiotherapist, plus healthcare and social policy politicians Norbert Blüm and Rudolf Dressler, and they have all been enthusiastic users of this type of energy filling station for some time. The reasons are clear, for supplementary air treatment helps balance out deficiencies that have been shown scientifically to exist in the organism. In concrete terms this means that AIRNERGY helps improve the body’s capacity for oxygen utilisation in cells which in turn helps improve performance, powers of concentration, regeneration and general well being.

Besides these clinical advantages, the respiratory air therapy has plenty to interest the practising doctor from a financial point of view too. Apart from the expert opinion produced by the BDI, the Chairman of the Hesse regional group in the BDI, Dr. Wolfgang Grebe, sees supplementary air treatment as “an effective, serious and economic individual healthcare service which will help registered doctors safeguard the future of their practices and the quality of the care they offer patients.” He himself offers the treatment in his own practice and is happy to recommend it to others.

More information on AIRNERGY is available at www.atemluft.info