Success at MEDICA 2014 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


BLS Systems Limited

Success at MEDICA 2014

Medica 2014 was an overwhelming success with significant interest in the FLO2MAX Oxygen Mask and the Rescuer Emergency CPAP System.  Demonstration of the FLO2MAX Oxygen Mask immediately led to the recognition that conventional oxygen masks were an antiquated approach to oxygen therapy.  The filtration characteristics were instantly recognized as a logical mechanism to infection control upon first contact with the patient.

The Rescuer Emergency CPAP and the Rescuer II Compact CPAP were viewed as innovative approaches to rescue breathing by through the administratin of pressure therapy.  The Rescuer brand of CPAP devices offers the most comprehensive features including the lowest oxygen consumption and exhalation filtration which benefit the healthcare provider as well as the patient.

Global demand for these products was strong as seen at the BLS Systems booth in the Canadian Pavilion.  We look forward to working with our new global partners.