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Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Stratec, Greiner Bio-One and Maven: Co-operation for Label Free System Solution

Stratec Biomedical Systems AG, Birkenfeld, Germany, Greiner Bio-One GmbH, Frickenhausen, Germany and Maven Biotechnologies, Pasadena, CA, USA signed a first agreement regarding a joint development programme.

This joint development of system solutions is based on a state of the art label free detection technology for the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. These systems will combine reliability of high quality results with greatly reduced costs for laboratories and the industry.
This agreement marks a milestone in the development of each company as it will combine expertise and technologies of three market leading companies in a perfectly complementary market.
Based on the experience of developing and manufacturing high quality analyser systems for almost 30 years STRATEC will automate Maven’s LFIRE label free detection methods using the disposable technology featuring high optical performance from Greiner Bio-One.
Greiner Bio-One has a proven track record of developing and producing medical disposables combining high quality optical features with cost effectiveness.
Maven’s label-free technology allows low to high density multiplexing for real time kinetic or end-point analysis. This technology is expected to gain significant market shares in the worldwide research and immunoassay market. By obviating much of the costs and time-consuming steps associated with traditional labelled immunodiagnostics, and incorporating simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers, LFIRE™ can provide a truly cost effective enabling technology to meet the demands of personalised medicine.