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Stopping the pressure globally: Rober talks ‘pressure injuries’ with its German partner

November 16th, 2017 is Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day. Organised by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), its objective is to increase global understanding of pressure injury prevention through education. To help raise awareness dynamic air mattress specialist Rober, has spoken to its German partners to find out more.

 “The pressure ulcer or decubitus market in Germany is a constantly growing market, due to the ageing population,” said Martin Schellmann, Managing Director of Rober’s German partner.

“There are more than 460,000 new cases of decubitus every year in Germany. Since 2007 pressure injuries have increased each year by up to 50% however the number of patients who are at risk as only increased in the same time only by 22%. This means patients who are not normally at risk of gaining pressure injuries whilst being cared for are also getting them. We need to work hard to change this.”

Pressure ulcers represent an extremely painful and unpleasant experience for both patients and their families. They are expensive to treat and an economic burden for the German healthcare system.

Martin explains that the year 2000 saw the launch of the ‘Expertenstandard Dekubitusprophylaxe in der Pflege’ in Germany. This has become the standard of care and is continuously being updated. The most recent amendments took place only this year. The advice is targeted at caregivers to help them prevent pressure ulcers from occurring in “at risk” patients.

Key elements include continuous inspection of the skin (every two hours), as well as using a viscoelastic or an alternating pressure mattress system.  Rober offers a wide selection of dynamic air mattress systems which have been sold across Germany for over two decades.

“Rober’s dynamic mattresses play a very big role in Germany,” added Martin.   “We have been working with the company for more than 20 years and have found them to be a very reliable partner for us. Rober’s technology offers high quality products for our customers and as a company they are constantly working on product innovations.”

Martin added that features such as the automatic pressure adjustment, the visual and acoustic alarm system and the fast deflation for CPR are very well recognised by their customers and patients. 

“The Rober products are extremely solid and more durable than many competitors. We also like the fact there is a wide product range for differing needs. This offers our customers alternating pressure ulcer prevention for all. This includes the highest risk patients.  We are often told by customers that the NoDec control units are easy to use and extremely user-friendly. That’s important feedback from nursing staff, as they are the ones delivering the care to patients.”

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