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Steris® & Hamo® Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Steris supplies a complete portfolio of cleaning chemistries designed to ensure maximum material compatibility and washing efficacy. At Steris we have coupled our washer/disinfector knowledge with our own range of Steris and Hamo branded chemistries to provide the ideal balance of machine and chemistry formulations, which means optimised, cost effective, cycles and processes for your equipment and department.

Types of Cleaning Chemistry:
• Alkaline Cleaners - possess high cleaning power. As the alkalinity increases (pH rises), the free ions which attach and degrade soil become more abundant boosting the cleaning power.
• Enzymatic Cleaners - use one or more enzymes to breakdown the various constituents of the soil e.g. the clinically relevant enzyme is Protease which targets proteins and is used for blood type soils.
• Acidic Neutralisers - work to withdraw excess ions from the high alkaline cleaning step, thus helping to prevent instrument contamination. They also produce the added effect of giving a refreshed finish to low grade stainless steel.
• Acid Cleaners - are available to ensure your machine remains free from scaling or oxidation which can harbour bacterial growth and hamper the effective process in your washer/disinfector.
• Drying Aids - reduce the surface tension of water. The water runs off the surface as a film without leaving spots behind. The organic acids in the formulation prevent the precipitation of hardness molecules and metal ions that are present in the rinse water.
• Specialised Cleaners - Hamo® 100 PID (Prion Inactivating Detergent) is a concentrated liquid detergent for use in automated Washer/Disinfectors or in a manual disinfection system. A high performance alkaline cleaner, Hamo 100 Prion Inactivating Detergent is formulated with potassium hydroxide, surfactants, chelating agents, and other essential cleaning ingredients to provide effective instrument cleaning, in addition to Prion removal and inactivation.

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