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Vision Engineering Ltd.

Stereo ‘Eyepieceless’ Microscope Range

Vision Biomed provides unique low-cost, stereo microscopes, featuring patented Expanded Pupil Technology. The patented technology is utilised in Vision Biomed’s stereo zoom range and the renowned Mantis family of stereo viewers, providing unparalleled ergonomics to the operator.

Vision Biomed’s stereo zoom inspection systems Beta, Alpha, and Lynx are designed to incorporate accessories to enhance performance and flexibility. Accessories include photographic camera options to enhance the image capture capabilities of the zoom stereo range. With magnification range up to X160, the observation and dissection of cells can be conducted under high magnification, ergonomically. Ideal for a wide range of applications, the clarity, resolution and contrast of the 3D image provides the technician with a flexible solution to most inspection tasks.

Vision Biomed’s Mantis stereo inspection system bridges the gap between the bench magnifier and the microscope. Renowned for providing technicians with superior ergonomics, the Mantis also delivers additional key advantages including: long working distance; large depth of field; field of view. The latest generation of Mantis incorporates twenty LEDs offering bright white cold illumination, shadow-free with premium clarity making observations and checking the morphology of cells a quick and easy process. Now available with a powerful x20 magnification the new Mantis offers an ergonomic, cost effective solution to inspection tasks.

Expanded Pupil technology allows a much greater freedom of operator head movement by expanding the image exiting the eyepiece which can dramatically reduce fatigue resulting in more efficient operation which, in turn, leads to greater productivity and reduced error rates.