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Stepping out of the frame

Lighter, smaller, faster, comfortable, accurate -- these, according to one neurosurgeon, are the great virtues of the STarFix™ platform system. In a recent article appearing on the Cleveland Clinic's HealthHub Dr. Darlene Lobel had this to say about frameless systems for deep brain stimulation surgery:

"Over the past several years, a few companies have started making frameless systems. They're customized platforms that are very lightweight and individualized to the patient ... Tiny screws are still needed in the skull, but there's no need for the big metal frame attachment.


"Frameless DBS is an excellent option for patient comfort ... The accuracy is within 1 mm of the locations we identify for treatment, and the outcomes after the surgery with the frameless method are identical to the frame-based procedures."

Increasing patient comfort while sacrificing nothing in terms of accuracy is just one of the ways we at FHC strive to deliver the quality we have built our reputation on.

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