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Steam Vein Sclerosis - New Technique for Obliteration of Veins

SVS : removing varicose veins , “The Green Way” !

SVS Steam Vein Sclerosis is a new technique for obliteration of veins by heating the vein wall.
Thermal methods have been used since 10 years: radio-frequency and endovenous laser have replaced surgery in many cases.
SVS offers the potential to avoid surgery in all patients with varicose veins, as it is more versatile and potentially cheaper, than the other heating techniques.
HOW does it work?
Pressurized water is injected into a micro-tube (0,1mm internal diameter) which is heated by electrical current. Water is heated and is emitting the tube as pulses of steam at 150°C.
A catheter is connected to the steam-emitting hand piece and carries the steam into the vein. Exit temperature is 120°C. Steam condensates back to water and the resulting heat is absorbed by the vein wall. One pulse has a heating capacity of 65 joules.
WHY is it better?
SVS is safe: the over-heating limit is very high, because of the fast heat transfer process. Where radio-frequency (Closure Fast® system) heats a 7 cm segment of vein during 20 seconds or more, if the vein is big , SVS heats up during less than a second.
Thus very large veins which would have to be stripped surgically can be treated without side-effects .
SVS is versatile : laser devices and radio-frequency probes are mainly used for obliterating the Great Saphenous Veins . Treatment of large varicose veins In the leg , of recurrent varicose veins , of perforators (communications between superficial and deep systems) is not easy with these methods . SVS can treat any type of varicose veins, because steam will diffuse through tortuosities and bends where a catheter cannot travel .
SVS is efficient : a multi-center trial is being performed in France , 6 months interim results show results similar to laser and radio-frequency and confirm a significant improvement in symptoms .
With this therapy GUTMANN MD GmbH streched it’s product-range in addition to the diagnostics fort he german speaking countries as well as poland and hungary.